Our Clients

1. M/s. Larsen & Tubro Ltd:-
ECC Division
  • Steel Service Center
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Buildings and Factories
2. Educational Institutions:-
a)Apollo College Group:-
  • M/s. Apollo College of Arts & Science
  • M/s.Apollo Engineering College
  • M/s. Apollo Polytechnic College
  • M/s. Apollo Priyadharshini College
b) M/s. Sakthi Mariammam
Engineering College

c) M/s. Prathusha Engineering College
d) M/s. Kings Engineering College
  • M/s.MIOT international hospitals
  • M/s.Adythya hospitals
  • Apollo Group of Hospitals:-
    a)M/s.Apollo Reach Hospital
    & Educational trust

    b) M/s.Apollo Nursing College
    c) M/s. Apollo First Med hospital
    d) M/s. Apollo Life Line hospital
4.Amusement Parks/Mall/Hotels
a)Queens Land
b) EVP Group:-
  • M/s. EVP Marriage hall
  • M/s. EVP Residence
5.Forging industries:-
  • M/s. Bay Forge Ltd
  • M/s India Forge &
    stampings Ltd
  • M/s. Sre Lakshmi Industrial
    Forge and Engineers Ltd
6.Fabrication Industries
TATA Group:-
  • M/s. TATA Bluescope Steel Ltd.
  • M/s. TATA Steels Processing  
    Distribution Ltd.
Diamond Group:-
  • M/s. Diamond engineering Ltd
  • M/s. Emarald Engineering
  • M/s. Emarald Engineering
  • M/s. Ruby Engineering
  • M/s. Sakthi Hi Tech
    constructions Pvt Ltd
7.Automobile Industries
  • M/s. Surin Automotive Pvt ltd
  • M/s. Sanjay steel syndicate Ltd
8.Bio-Pharma Industries
  • M/s. Green Signal Bio-Pharma
    Pvt Ltd
9.Electronic Industries
  • M/s. Flextronics Technologies
    Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. Samsung India Electronics
    Pvt Ltd
10.Crushers and Granite Industries
  • M/s. Dolby granites exports Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. RC Golden Granites Pvt Ltd
  • M/s.Udyam Blue Metals Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. Deejay Constructions Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. Govindaperumal Enterprises
    Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. Sri Vegateswara Engineering
    and Construction Pvt Ltd
11.Rubber Industries
  • M/s. Forech India Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. Swastick polymers Ltd
12.Leather Industries
  • M/s. Footwear design &
    development Institute
  • M/s. J & J Leather Enterprises
    Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. Barathiya international Ltd
13.Garment Industries
  • M/s. Jeans Knit Pvt Ltd
14.Beverages Industries
  • M/s. Hindustan coco-cola
    beverages Pvt Ltd
  • M/s Parley Agro Ltd (Frooty)
15.Bitumen Industries
  • M/s. Balmer Lawrie vanleer
    Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. Hindustan colas Ltd
16.Aeronautical Industries
  • M/s. Valeth Hi tech
    composites Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. Kerns Product Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. Bailey India Pvt Ltd
17.Gas Industries
  • M/s. Praxair india Pvt Ltd
18.Residential /Multi story Buildings
  • M/s. DLF Homes- L&T
  • M/s. Akshaya homes Pvt ltd
  • M/s. Lanco Infrastructures
    Pvt Ltd
  • M/s. India Bulls Infrastructure
    Pvt Ltd
19.Ongoing Projects
  • M/s. ESIC hospital – L&T
  • M/s Godrej Palmcrove- L&T
  • M/s. SSN College of Engineering
  • M/s. US based fortune
    500 Companies - Augusta

Ongoing Projects

  • 1. M/s. ESIC hospital – L&T

    2. M/s Godrej Palmcrove- L&T

    3. M/s. SSN College of Engineering

    4. M/s. US based fortune
    500 Companies - Augusta


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